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Hi- I'm Ginny and I am the creator and owner of Grande Ronde Soap and Bath. I live here in La Grande, Oregon and named the company after the beautiful valley I am lucky to call home. We are surrounded by gorgeous nature and that gives me a lot of inspiration for my soaps. I started soap making in 2017 when I couldn't find a plant based soap that was exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price. I am obsessed with making things and DIY. I had been reading soapmaking books for years before I took the plunge and tried it! I just loved it. In 2018 I had my second child and then my third in 2019, so I took a break from making my own soap. I took it back up in early 2022. After many batches and a renewed obsession with the craft, I decided to open my own company several months later. I was also making other products such as lotion and bath bombs. I love to learn and so I spent many, many hours researching making these products. I love making things and have been doing so since I was little. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, baking, drawing, making all sorts of things. It is a passion of mine. I hope to share this passion here at Grande Ronde Soap and Bath. My goal is to create safe, all-natural, skin-loving and delightful products for my customers to enjoy! I want everyone to have access to local, lovingly made natural soap and bath products, even if they don't want to make it themselves. 

Thank you for stopping by and check out the links to my social media pages and blogs and feel free to reach out to me through those or my email. 


Instagram @granderondesoapandbath
Email [email protected]
Facebook @soapsofeasternoregon

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